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 Maine is one of the states that composes the United States. Its name comes from the French province Mine. He is placed in the North-East. His principal cities are August (the capital), Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, Auburn, South Portland and Storybrooke. Maine has a strong tradition and French-speaking presence, as in Louisiana. Maine is the biggest state of the region of New England.

 The state is called " the Pine Tree State ", because the 90 % of the territory are natural areas. Maine is divided into three regions: the low coastal lands, the high lands of New England and the White Mountains.
 Maine this one governed by a constitution since 1820. s.
 Maine possesses  numerous cultural institutions. One of the most notable museums of the condition is the Museum of Portland's Art. The Museum of Portland's Art has a center of native American art, a center of art of the northwest, a center of modern and contemporary art ,permanent exhibitions of Asian art, and a garden of sculptures outdoors public.
 His principal center of tourism is The national Park Acadia. It is located in the island Monte Desierto. The area includes mountains, an oceanic coast, forests and lakes.

 The lobster is the Maine’s symbol and there are many restaurant that serve it. Also, are famous the Oysters and the blueberry.
 The flag of Maine is a shield of weapon in a blue field. In the center of the shield a moose rests under a high green pine. A farmer and a sailor represent the traditional dependence of the agriculture and the sea for the State. The Star of the North represents the motto of the state :Dirigo

 The famous North American writer Stephen King is born, bred and resident in Bangor's city, Maine, been where there develop the majority of his novels.

 The Festival of the Lobster is celebrated every year in Rockland at the beginning of August. In the festival they do the race of capture of lobsters, the parades and the choice publicly of the ' Goddess of the sea '.

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