domingo, 5 de octubre de 2014


PREZI BY MªCarmen, Alberto and Irene:

Detroit's decline is one of the biggest abandonment "nonviolent" suffered by a modern city during second half 20th century and beginnings 21th century.
Detroit has gone from being almost 2 million habitants in the late 1950s, and get to have 900000 habitants in 2011.
In his peck, Detroit was the third most important city in the USA, and one of the industrial center. It had skyscrapers, office buildings, hotels, and other infrastructures which served as a nerve center of many business. Detroit had became in the Engine's world capital.
During the 1950s, a lot of families go to the city center, others families go to differents American cities definitely. The habitants number starts to slowly down. Detroit had begun to be a dangerous city, crowed whith small spaces, racial stress, crime, mafia... But also, the residents were leaving to not pay high taxes.
The fact is called "the white flight" because the white families was who leave mainly, while colored population stayed in the "Paradise Valley".
Slowly black families joined to the abandonment causing also a "black flight", and in turn causing the depopulation of the city.

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