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The Detroit Sound by MªCarmen González

Since the middle of the 40's , peolpe usually goes to the Hasting Street pubes for listening to Blues and Rhythm & Blues music.This city was characterizing for having lots of black people made this kind of music to grow up.
At the beginning of the 50´s Berry Gordy created The record company Motown Records. Before that, Reverend C.L Franklin , medernized the Gospel music , origin of the Soul , discovering Aretha Franklin who then would belongs to The Supremes, and she also participated with Berry Gordy in the Motown Records, what made of Detroit a stars music constellation,and it was when appeared ''The Detroit Sound''
there were other records companies like Anna Records, this one was created for Anna Berry (Berry Gordy sister) and she would became into the Marvyn Gayes wife, this record company discoverd artist like Joe Tex and Barrett Strong.In the 60's other recor companies like Tamla Records, Tri-Phi and Ric-Tic were created too. This companies discovered some soul artists like The Spinners or Edwin Starr.
Then The Motwon bought this companies and merged with Tamla Records, this two companies recibed a new name : TamlaMotown.
We could say that Detroit was a very important city for the evolution of Soul music,R&B, and Modern Gospel and music also was a very important part in the economy.

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