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Situation: Kansas is one of the 50 states of the United States of America. It is located in the Mid West region of the country. It limits the north by the state of Nebraska, west to Colorado, south to Oklahoma and east to Missouri. The capital of Kansas is Topeka. Kansas has a population of 122.327 people. Largest city is Wichita
 Acerca de Kansas : Su idioma oficial es English.The gobernador es Sam Brownback y los senadores son Pat Roberts y Jerry Moran. Su lema es que las estrellas a través de las dificultades Su himno es Zafarrancho en el rancho Su lema es simplemente maravilloso
 Climate: Kansas has a temperate climate, with cold winters and hot summers. The average winter temperature in Kansas is -1 ° C .The average summer temperature in Kansas is 26 ° C. The average annual snowfall in Kansas is 43 centimeters.
 Religion: Proportion of the population of Kansas by religious affiliation:
 Christianity - 82%
Protestantism - 60%
Methodism - 14%
Baptism - 14%
Lutheranism - 4%
Presbyterianism - 3%
Other Protestant affiliations - 25%
 Catholic Church - 20%
Other Christian affiliations - 2%
 Other Religions - 1% No religious - 17%
 Principals citys: Wichita
Overland Park
Kansas City
Salina Lenexa
 Gastronomy: The tipicals foods of Kansas are: Bbq Salmorejo Miottini Christmas sweets
 States symbols: Amphibian: Barred Tiger Salamander
 Mammal: Bison
 Bird: Western Meadowlark
 Flower: Sunflower
 Bug: European Bee
 Reptile: Box Turtle
 Tree: Poplar Virginia

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