martes, 27 de enero de 2015


Match the sentences with a suitable idiom.
a. She didn’t like our English teacher. She was glad when he left the school.
b. She saw the boy stealing food at the supermarket but she pretended she hadn’t noticed him.
c. She is an irritating annoying person.
d. She felt very frightened during the flight.
e. She was listening attentively to her friend’s words.

1. She turned a blind EYE.
2. She’s a pain in the NECK.
3. She had her HEART in her MOUTH.
4. She said:” I’m all ears.”
5. She was happy to see the BACK of him

ANSWERS:    A) 5      B) 1       C) 2       D) 3         E) 4

Complete the sentences with idioms from
1. She’s got a sweet ____.She can’t resist chocolates.
2. Don’t criticize Pam. She takes everything  to____.
3. It’s a joke! He’s not being serious. He’s just pulling your ____.
4. Get it off your ____ and stop worrying about it!
5. I tried to talk with Helen but she just ignored me. She gave me the cold ____.
6. I can’t stand it when he lies to me! It makes my ____ boil!
7. John has started off on the wrong ____! He doesn’t get along with our new boss!
8. I can’t remember his name but it is on the tip of me _____
9. I had better change my car. I is on it last ______ now.
10. She never avoids criticizing us harshly. She has a sharp______

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