miércoles, 24 de septiembre de 2014


I´m going to talk about Pennsylvania , a lot of people confuse that city with Transilvania but it´s not the same thing. Firstly, Transilvania is located in Romania and from that city comes the story about vampires and Pennsylvania is located on the USA , specifically in the northeast, pretty close to New York.

About Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania is one of the historical stated from the USA, and it was there that the Founding Fathers drafted the Declaration of the independence and the Constitution.
About the name
The name comes from William Penn and Sylvania derives from the Latin particulary from ´silva´ which means ´jungle or forest´ because in that part of United States there are many trees. So that´s where the name comes from.
Weather or climate
Let´s talk about the weather or climate. Pennsylvania has a large variety of climates but it use to be Warm and Wet and in winter also much lower temperatures, but in general is a good temperature.
Talking about sports, in Philadelphia is situated the most important baseball stadium called ´The citizens Bank Park´.And this is the end of my speech. Thanks for your attention.

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