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Ohio is one of the states of the United States. It is situated in the Big Lakes’ region, in the West Middle. Its capital is Columbus. On the North you can find the Lake Erie, Canada and Michigan on the Northwest. On the West is Indiana and on the south Kentucky and West Virginia. Finally we can find Pennsylvania on the East.

It is one of the principal industrial centres too. Its name means on the Iroquois language “something big”.Ohio has got the principal manufacture’s source of income. Others sources are the treasury and the coal mining.

Their slogan its “With God, all things are possible” The nicknames of the state are “Buckeye State” and “Mother of Modern Presidents”. And the typical tree is the Buckeye. As something interesting, Ohio is one of the states with more Amish. They are people who live like ages ago, without technology. They reject the actual world.

The climate there is warm. However, the weather changes a lot. The principal reason for this it’s that there isn’t any geographic obstacle around.

Some famous people are from Ohio like Thomas Edison, the bulb’s inventor. Also Neil Armstrong, the first person on the moon, is from there. About religion the people is mostly protestant. As typical foods they have apples, tomato juice, the Barberton Chicken and the Sausage Biscuit Bowl.

Along the year they have some festivals:

        On February the Traditional Acoustic Blues Festival

        On May the Riverfest in Columbus and also there the Asian Festival

        On June takes part the biggest outdoors festival of the world, The Crosby Arts Festival. And the Latin Festival in Columbus

        On July there are two music festivals, the Macy Music Festival in Cincinnati and the Yellow Springs Ohio Music Festival in Dayton

        On August the Ohio State Fair in Columbus with music, car races and attractions 

        Finally on October they have the Pumpkin Show in Circleville

In Bellefontaine are the Caverns of Ohio and near there some lakes. Ohio has got a lot of
museums, among them the most famous are: The Air Force National Museum, in Dayton. In Cleveland is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, it has hundreds of objects and historic information about music. There are guitars of John Lennon there. Also in Ohio is the Pro Football Hall of Fame Museum. In Baltimore is the Civil War Museum.
In Sandusky there is an amusement park which has seventeen rollercoasters, and a few more around the state. Moreover in Columbus is the Research Library Cartoons.

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